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TERS is certified in asbestos evaluation, analysis, and removal Asbestos is the common name given to a group of natural fibrous silicate minerals. Known for their strength, asbestos can separate into thin, durable fibers. These fibers can be dislodged and become airborne. Asbestos had been used extensively in buildings as a thermal insulator and fire protection material. It is released in large amounts when fire damage occurs, requiring expert fire damage restoration

Because of asbestos' potential to cause lung cancer, the fibers have been banned as a building material since 1978. Even though asbestos has been banned, there remains the threat that asbestos containing materials (ACM) are still present in buildings built as late as 1983! 

Asbestos is regulated on a federal level through Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Asbestos Standard 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1926.1101 and National Emission Standard for Hazardous Materials (NESHAP) 40 CFR 61. 

Only a certified company can be used to analyze representative bulk samples for the presence of asbestos. TERS is fully certified to test for asbestos. TERS can provide full asbestos evaluation, as well as identify and analyze potential problem areas.

When it comes to asbestos, TERS' team of experts can:

  • Determine presence of asbestos & asbestos containing materials
  • Provide comprehensive plan to reduce and eliminate exposure
  • Identify potential problem areas and sources
  • Recommend possible solutions
  • Provide full asbestos evaluation and analysis
  • Remove and dispose of materials as outlined in plan
  • Provide expert fire damage restoration and hazard cleanup

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