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Document & Books Restoration
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Documents & Books

book and document restorationTERS experts have been in the recovery business over 20 years with over 50 years of combined experience. We have recovered millions of documents, legal files and books, as well as gaining nationwide acclaim for having successfully completed the most challenging book and document restoration projects.
We specialize in the restoration and decontamination of books, documents, magnetic and micrographic media that were affected by water damage, fire damage, soot and mold. All equipment is owned by us, presently in-house, and we are ready to handle current projects.
Our staff of seasoned experts is well-trained in the field of book and document recovery, drying, freeze-drying and decontamination. They know the idiosyncrasies of the emergency services and how to best serve your needs, timely, cost-effectively and efficiently.
Our disaster recovery expertise is unmatched for these types of situations, having successfully completed many recovery projects. Our technical superiority has been recognized on numerous recent projects.

Support Services

  • 24 hour a day emergency hotline: 877-777-3117
  • On-site  expert assistance & consulting
  • On-site evaluations & environmental testing
  • On-site pack-out assistance
  • On-site re-shelving and re-filing
  • On-site climate control system
  • Pickup and refrigerated transportation
  • Freezer and climate control rooms
  • Vacuum freeze-drying services
  • Bar-code tracking systems for large projects

TERS recovery service is offered to both our residential and commercial customers. For very large disasters, our mobile drying equipment can be set up and installed on site. This treatment includes the application of our recovery and salvage process that includes:

  • Cryogenic freeze-drying of documents and books
  • Removal of surface contamination, mold and soot
  • Trimming of text block
  • Decontamination & deodorizing to remove smoke odors
  • Blueprints and maps recovery
  • Photocopying of damaged or undamaged materials
  • Relabeling, indexing and reordering of files
  • Microfilm drying and restoration

Damage to books and documents requires special care. Trying to brush away soot can cause further damage, as can unfolding wet paper. TERS experts use state-of-the-art equipment to remove soot, mold and other residue and to freeze-dry wet documents and books.

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