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Case Study

In March of 2010 TERS was on the job after fire damaged the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse in downtown Manhattan TERS experts are trained to safely inspect, remove and decontaminated any biohazard substances and dispose of them properly in accordance with EPA, OSHA, and health regulations. Our experts are equipped with the necessary safety apparatus, biohazard analyses and decontamination systems.

In March of 2010, fire damaged The Manhattan Criminal Courthouse in downtown Manhattan and contaminated over a million square feet with smoke and soot. TERS was called in for first response measures and a decontamination plan of action. In less than two hours TERS mobilized environmental teams, filtration systems, environmental restoration equipment and air quality monitoring systems. TERS utilized extensive expertise in fire damage cleanup and restoration to provide efficient immediate services.
Our skilled team of emergency restoration specialists labored around the clock to restore normal business operations within a matter of days. Various environmental technicians were also called to conduct deodorization and indoor-air-quality restoration. TERS’ fast, professional, and thorough response was instrumental in saving untold millions of dollars worth of business interruption claims.

During this project, TERS teams used only GREEN methods and state-of-the-art environmental equipment to avoid any cross contamination and assure high indoor air quality!

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