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Mold Investigation, Mold Identification and Mold Testing
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Mold Identification

TERS can assess, inspect, and remedy mold contaminations in your residence, office building, or commercial propertyTERS is the only company of building restoration experts covering all aspects of mold contamination, including indoor air quality (IAQ), assessment, remediation and restoration. Our mold investigation of residential and commercial buildings is performed by certified microbial investigators following the Sick Building Syndrome investigation methods that identifies sources of mold and airborne mold contamination, which could include flood, sewage, and water intrusion

TERS building restoration services utilize the most effective investigation techniques available, without wasting your time and money or putting your health at risk. Our laboratory, techniques and analysis will provide you with the most thorough mold investigation and analysis of contamination available for your residential, office building or commercial property.

TERS’ highly successful mold investigation includes:

  • Outdoor environment and buildings assessment and inspection
  • Interview and special questionnaire
  • Visual inspection using spatial camera
  • Damage and contamination assessment
  • Moisture meter measurements
  • TSP (total suspended particle) counting
  • Flood, sewage, and water damage assessment
  • Air samples
  • Surface samples
  • Central air duct system inspection
  • Laboratory report
  • Analysis of laboratory results
  • Emergency recommendation in emergency cases
  • Comprehensive report

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