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TERS is highly qualified in building restoration services which include air duct cleaning and sanitizing, improving air filtration and circulation, preventing recurrent chemical or biological contamination
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TERS provides home and office deodorizing services without the use of toxic chemicals TERS' indoor air quality experts provide services that include indoor air quality testing to detect microscopic contaminated particles or gases. We remove odor components, soot, mildew, allergens and more. There are many causes odors, including fire or smoke damagesootmoldflood, sewage, and water damage. TERS can restore your office or home and deodorize and remove smells.

During the deodorization process, TERS will not use any chemicals that create new odors (such as orange, lemon, etc.) and obstruct our senses of smell, and load your respiratory systems with toxic chemicals. TERS building restoration is a strictly GREEN company.

Odors are generated by different sources such as sootmold due to flood, sewage and water damage, contaminated particles, etc. and require different methods of deodorization. However, no matter what the odor situation is, the same fundamental principles apply in order to deodorize.

TERS indoor air quality experts:

At TERS, we know that only scientific identification and GREEN processes will remove odors without affecting your health.


  • Some of the chemicals used by ordinary restoration companies are toxic and can affect
    your indoor air quality and health more than soot or mold!
  • Spraying chemicals into the air will not affect the source of odors/contamination.
  • Without scientific identification and a team of professionals, you cannot solve odor/contamination problems and restore indoor air quality.
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