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Building Restoration Projects May Dislodge Asbestos and Lead Particles

Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc. (TERS) specializes in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration and indoor air quality for residential, commercial, governmental and corporate buildings. The company prides itself in proactive preventive procedures, as well as its ability to actively and skillfully resolve asbestos or lead complications that may arise.

In restoration projects -- both following a disaster and aesthetic developments -- it's possible to encounter the unexpected problem of disturbed asbestos in buildings built before 1980. TERS restoration experts not only focus on the restoration job, but the building inhabitants' safety and best possible end result. All TERS professionals are trained to find and mediate asbestos and lead before project completion.

Stagnant asbestos may be present in drywall, vinyl floor tiles, insulation, pipes, textured paint, ceiling tiles, plaster, caulking, vermiculite, and roofing. When disturbed, asbestos particles become airborne. If inhaled, asbestos is trapped in the lungs and may cause serious health problems -- some of which may become life-threatening, such as lung cancer.

Lead may similarly be present in the paint of buildings, typically those built before 1978. If inhaled or unintentionally consumed, lead poisoning can cause severe developmental conditions and nervous system damage in children.

Restoration companies must be diligent in checking for asbestos and lead during and following all restoration projects in which building structure was stirred. Restoration companies are known to focus on the task at-hand and fail to complete a complimentary check. Upon noticing health problems, building residents are left to find an outside company specializing in asbestos and lead removal.

TERS checks for asbestos and lead during all restoration projects, and is fully-prepared to mediate and remove the particles from the building. Upon finding asbestos or lead presence, TERS identifies infected areas, analyzes exposure levels, provides a plan for exposure elimination, and safely removes and disposes of all hazardous material.

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