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Fire Damage Restoration Company, TERS, Restores UPS Room in Large University

Fire damage restoration company Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc. (TERS) successfully restored a multi-million dollar uninterruptible power supply (UPS) room in a Conn. university facing damage from an electrical fire. After hiring another restoration company, the university terminated the project and reached out to TERS to survey the damage. TERS prepared a 10-day chemical-free restoration plan.

The 3,000 square-foot UPS room at the Conn. university was a brand-new, multi-million dollar project. Due to an electrical failure, a fire erupted, causing damage to electronic boards, circuit boards, ceilings, walls, and documents. The fire started small, but evolved into more than $100,000 in damage.

The initial restoration company hired for the job attempted to restore the UPS room, but left it with additional damage and a layer of chemicals. Upon job termination, TERS assessed the premises and offered the university chemical-free restoration, soot removal, document restoration, and electronics restoration. The all-in-one plan would span over 10 days, with TERS' teams working around the clock.

TERS owns all of its equipment and arrives on-site with electronics restoration equipment, custom-built scaffolding, safety equipment and more. TERS restoration specialists have extensive experience in large restoration projects, and can quickly work together to finish a job, all while ensuring safe air quality and occupant conditions at project completion. TERS offers free air monitoring services for 24 hours after the project to guarantee satisfactory indoor air quality.

TERS restored all electronic boards; 3,000 square feet of ceiling; and 3,000 square feet of ground space with thousands of electrical and electronic components. After completion, the grounds passed high-level clearance. TERS is a proud green company: no chemicals were used during any of their restoration services.

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