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We continue working with property managers and business owners throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to keep our communities as safe as possible. We understand that a safe work environment is a crucial element to resume our normal work life. We are continuously monitoring the directives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and New York State and New York City governmental agencies and taking necessary precautions. The safety of our customers and employees is our number-one priority. 

How TERS can help 

With our clients in mind, TERS is offering full GREEN prevention services, control, and response plans to help our clients keep their employees and customers safe. If you are currently operating or planning to go back work, TERS is here to help you through these uncertain times. 

Key factors to a healthy work environment 

  • Develop a cleaning and decontamination protocol, specific to COVID‐19, based on proven GREEN methods to minimize personnel exposure and cross contamination. 
  • Improve and monitor air filtration, circulation, and pressure differential to reduce airborne contamination. 
  • Monitor key factors of your indoor environment such as surface contamination, CO, CO2, airborne particles, temperature, humidity, and VOCs. 
  • Customize the maintenance process based on the building’s condition and activities. 
  • Avoid over-cleaning and application of harsh chemicals. 
  • Ensure quick response and analysis of potential indoor environmental contamination. 
  • Ensure that all health and safety requirements are met during all work and cleaning activities.

Together we can make it happen: timely, professionally, and cost effectively. 

TERS’ experts have been in the recovery business for many years. Our company has decades of experience in the field of indoor environment decontamination and recovery. We have successfully completed thousands of projects, and we have unique experience and knowledge about how to handle COVID‐19 and other indoor contamination. TERS’ experts can customize the recovery process based on the building’s condition. Using our in-house knowledge and many years of experience, our remediation and recovery process will stop the virus spread and prevent cross contamination. We are using cutting-edge technology to monitor factors affecting the spread of the virus indoors. 

You can Contact TERS 24/7 at 1-877-777-3117 or for a consultation regarding our coronavirus (COVID-19) cleanup and decontamination services. 

Stay safe and take care!

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