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TERS | Preoccupation Cleaning and COVID-19 Prevention

Many of us are still facing the repercussions of COVID-19, and we are all hoping for an end soon; therefore, we need to start focusing what will happen at that point. TERS wants to discuss with you a COVID-19 Recovery Plan to help you return to business and protect your employees.

As we are all thinking about reopening or bringing back a full workforce, we want to emphasize the importance of best practices and the services available to help you with this. We would love the opportunity to speak with you and learn how TERS can help your organization identify solutions for this process.

These are the main objectives of TERS Preoccupation Cleaning, COVID-19 Prevention, and Indoor Air Quality Restoration:

1. Removal of all indoor contamination buildup as a result of long vacancy (mold, bacteria, viruses, and contaminated particles)
    2. Disinfection and sterilization of all interior areas
      3. Reduction of volatile organic compounds to acceptable levels or < 100 ppb
        4. Reduction of total suspended particles to acceptable levels or 1:3 ratio to minimize airborne contamination and lower the spread of viruses
          5. Application of long-lasting sterilizer to all surfaces as preventive treatment of COVID-19 or other viruses
          6. One-year warranty: If needed, TERS will provide free-of-charge same-day deep cleaning and sterilization of any working area with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

          This second-to-none and cost-effective plan of action will help you protect your team and customers, and prepare your office space for their return.

          Please let us know a good time to schedule a call or a free site visit.

          We can do this together!

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