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TERS Takes on Extensive Document Restoration Project for Major Government Agency

NANUET, NY-- (Dec 8, 2014) -- Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc. (TERS) is a New York-based disaster recovery and water & fire mitigation company. While TERS' specialties are water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, indoor air quality control and mold remediation, the company also offers document -- among other tangible property -- recovery following disaster damage, often saving clients tremendous amounts of money and time.

TERS' recent client, a local government agency, recently underwent major flood damage on its premises. With eight feet of water in some areas, millions of irreplaceable company documents were submerged, leaving TERS with what may be the largest document restoration project in the country.

TERS experts have been in the recovery business for more than 25 years, saving millions of documents and legal files, gaining nationwide acclaim for technical superiority and effectively completing the most challenging document and book restoration projects. TERS' document restoration experience includes water and fire damage restoration, soot removal, mold remediation, as well as document scanning, imaging and full archive digitization. TERS owns all of its equipment; no middleman is needed for any restoration project.
TERS' government client maintained a very large volume of confidential documents in the building. With a complete security guarantee, TERS is able to restore all documents in-house with free pickup and delivery. Understanding client needs, TERS offers a 24-hour rush document service for vital documents that are needed immediately. The rush service is provided at no additional cost.

"The client has suffered enough with the flood," says Gary Shaked, TERS President. "Our teams help in every way possible to restore anything they can. We strive to provide an upside during a time of distress."

With in-house facilities larger than 100,000 square feet, TERS can process several million documents monthly. TERS uses a unique approach for its document restoration. The company outshines competitors with its unique freeze-drying method customized specifically to documents. TERS in-house document drying system is more cost-effective and efficient than any traditional, and more costly, system used by competitors.

After document restoration and delivery, TERS offers clients a high-security cloud archive to prevent further potential losses. TERS team members also show building employees how to properly store documents to be prepared and avoid similar occurrences in the future.

Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc. provides comprehensive environmental services for commercial and residential facilities, industrial buildings, schools, hospitals and hotels in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. The company focuses on client safety during all projects and strives to recover all possible property. Aside from document restoration, TERS restores other data forms, indoor layout, electronics, machinery, books and artwork. The company has a 24-hour emergency assistance line for around-the-clock emergencies.

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