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Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc. Approaches All Fire and Water Damage Restoration Projects Without the Use of Chemicals

Fire damage restoration company Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc. (TERS) recently restored a senior assisted living facility in central N.J. The company prides itself in its chemical-free fire damage restoration procedures, and ensures a fully-green process in every restoration job.

TERS understands the importance of maintaining building occupant safety and uses only green approaches for all restoration needs including HVAC system checks, duct cleaning, carpet cleanup, wall restoration, soot decontamination, repainting, indoor air quality checks, and more. All TERS surface cleanup and deodorization practices use green methods with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Some establishments -- such as the recently-restored N.J. assisted living facility -- require that any services used, including for restoration purposes in unexpected disasters, must be chemical-free and do not endanger anyone in the building. With a need to maintain senior resident safety, the assisted living facility chose TERS to perform all fire restoration needs.

The senior assisted living building caught fire when a machine in the basement mechanical room erupted in flames. Through the building's vent system, additional above-ground rooms suffered the fire's effects.

After the fire was extinguished, TERS arrived on the scene within three hours and began its around-the-clock restoration process. The building's staff encouraged TERS to determine areas in need of evacuation and areas which can continue to occupy residents until restoration is complete. By sectioning off the building, TERS was able to minimize building evacuation to protect typical workflow.

TERS offers indoor air quality testing and control for all restoration projects. The company also volunteered its team to aid senior residents in moving back into the facility.

TERS provides comprehensive environmental services for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings in N.Y., N.J., Conn., R.I., Mass., Pa., Del., and Md. TERS offers 24-hour emergency assistance for unexpected emergencies.

Aside from fire restoration, TERS offers water restoration services; mold and asbestos removal; air duct cleaning; tobacco smoke abatement; document and data recovery; art restoration; and biohazard cleanup. All TERS services are entirely free of chemicals.

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