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TERS Provides Tips on Planning Ahead and Choosing a Mitigation Company in Case of Unforeseen Circumstances

NANUET, NY-- (Jan 22, 2015) -- Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc. (TERS) is a New York-based disaster restoration service company, specializing in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold removal and indoor air quality consulting. TERS is a first-hand witness of client panic during unexpected disaster. The company's team of experts continuously stresses the importance of choosing a restoration company ahead of time to eliminate the frenzy in unpredictable situations.

"No one thinks about being suddenly hit by a massive snowstorm, and the snow melting and seeping into their finished basement," says Gadi Shaked, president of TERS. "Nor do they expect a middle-of-the-night house fire. Thinking ahead is crucial. Who will you call if disaster strikes?" Shaked reports that many clients call a disaster restoration company and only ask questions after hiring. "Please be educated in selecting mitigation and restoration companies. It can save you a lot of unnecessary anxiety," says Shaked.

TERS suggests looking into technicians' training, expertise and experience. A mitigation company that has only restored 100 square feet worth of flood-damaged property is probably not one that would be anyone's first choice. However, in a time of panic, that company may be the first number dialed. TERS has more than 25 years of experience in planning, testing, evaluating and restoring fire- and water-damaged property.
Available warranty is an important factor in a restoration mission. Does the company offer warranty, or is the restoration job a one-time project? TERS offers a three-year warranty on all fire and water mitigation projects and provides a free additional inspection the following year in the case of any concerns.

When rushing a decision, people tend to forget about true quality of work. What type of equipment do restoration companies use, and what type of chemicals will be introduced into the home or office during a restoration project? TERS suggests looking for a company that is thoroughly green -- one that does not use any toxic or otherwise harmful chemicals. TERS strongly believes in excluding the use of harsh toxins for a safe and healthy indoor environment. TERS also understands that the common person won't know the difference in types of drying equipment. However, a good question to ask is: How do you maintain cleanliness of your equipment? TERS cleans and sanitizes all equipment after each project, and then again before beginning a new project. Cross-contamination can lead to additional mitigation, meaning extra cost for the client.

Of course, pricing and billing is at the top of everyone's interest when choosing a company for any service. When planning ahead and deciding between restoration companies, compare prices and services to see what is most cost-effective. TERS can reduce project costs with extensive restoration expertise, resulting in minimized damage. TERS also offers free assessments and follow-ups.

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